Our work with Change 1’s Life charity

We’re please to announce we’ve teamed up with Change 1’s Life - a UK-Registered charity striving to help people in need in Sub-Saharan Africa who experience poverty, and hardship from natural disasters or catastrophes by supplying them, with food, clean water, clothes, medical aid and education.

In Sub-Saharan Africa…

  • 40% of the population live on £1 a day or less
  • A child dies of malaria every singly minute
  • A child dies of hunger every 15 seconds
  • More than 100 million children do not have access to an education

We’re committed to regularly donate clothing to Change 1’s Life to help ensure people have the right type of clothing all year round. This will help prevent people dying or getting sick from illness related to inadequate protection for weather conditions – especially during winter months.

Our clothing donations will be distributed to homeless people, orphanages, schools and underprivileged families across the area.

To find out more, see how you can get involved, or make a donation click here.